Android Best Screen Lock – Gesture Lock Screen

Android Best Screen Lock – Gesture Lock Screen | Presentation Gesture Lock screen password for silence opens all your favorite applications enclosing the fastidious password or any motive and who want some creative application and enclose the application to start.

Draw letters, draw numbers, draw shapes, draw signatures and draw contextual gestures to unlock your phone. Signature Lock Screen you get more security because no body can use your phone without your signature.
Now lock your phone with Gesture Lock Screen & Draw your signature

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Draw numbers, letters, symbols, signatures to unlock Invisible gesture: hide gesture when drawing on lock screen
Support single stroke gesture (one touch drawing) and multiple strokes gesture Add/change/delete gesture.

Android Best Screen Lock - Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Smart Lock Screen – Smart Signature & Letter Lock is one of the best app which help to gesture lock screen. Would you like to something to lock & unlock your Phone using smart way? Your search stops here. Gesture Smart Lock Screen is one of the supreme apps which help to set smart lock screen in any Android device.

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