Rooftop Solar Scheme Odisha | How to Get Solar and Rooftop Subsidy

Rooftop Solar Scheme Odisha | How to Get Solar and Rooftop Subsidy | Odisha’s consumers will get 40% subsidy for rooftop solar power. A Roof Top Solar (RTS) system consists of solar panels that generate electricity using sunlight and powers your electrical gadgets. If you have no consumption during the day the power flows into the grid through your service line.

A net meter keeps account of the outflow and inflow of electricity to and from the grid. DISCOM bills only the net power displayed in the meter. Install Solar Roof top and Slash your electricity bill upto 50%.  Rooftop Solar Scheme Odisha | How to Get Solar and Rooftop Subsidy

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Benefits of Solar Rooftop-

  • Utilization of available vacant space for solar power generation.
  • Reduction in electricity utility bills.
  • 30% Capital Support from MNRE (to select consumer categories on first come first serve basis).
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain.
  • Environmental friendly, No Fuel required.
  • Long life around 25 years.

The Government of Odisha is earnestly exploring different sources of clean energy, to meet its increasing energy requirement, diversify sources of energy and address potential climate change issues. With about 280 – 300 days of sunshine a year and a Global Horizontal Solar resource average of about 4.5-5.0 KWh/m2/day, Odisha has fairly good potential for solar power generation.

The Government of Odisha is implementing measures to promote solar energy development in the state and the Odisha Renewable Energy Policy, 2016 sets a target of 2,200 MW of additional solar generation by 2022; this includes generation through roof-top solar and other non-land based solar projects. The Government has taken several initiatives for the promotion of rooftop solar projects in the state and is also supporting Central Government schemes for the development of rooftop solar segment.

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